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The League exists to celebrate and support intrapreneurs everywhere. The people who ask ‘What if?’, ‘What’s possible?’ And who make change stick inside even the most scaled and systematized institutions. People who bring courage, conviction and a knack for navigating complex systems to bring about new realities. We believe that intrapreneurs have the power to change the world and make it a more positive place for all. But being an intrapreneur comes with its fair share of challenges, ups and downs, and feelings of isolation. Which is why we’re growing a learning community of intrapreneurs from all around the world to make it easier and more fun co-creating change from within.

The League Global Membership

Our Global Membership is a combined online and offline learning experience, connecting you to a curated network of intrapreneurs, resources, and international events all designed to help you develop your intrapreneurial capacity to drive change from within.
By joining our community you’ll benefit from…

Digital Community

Join a private, curated community of experienced intrapreneurs across sectors and geographies.

Critical Connections

Meet experts, mentors and peers who can help you take your impact to the next level. (Ongoing)

League Unplugged

Get inspired through intimate and authentic conversations with seasoned intrapreneurs. (3 x Per Year)

Learning Sprints

Deepen your knowledge of intrapreneurship, innovation and the Sustainable Development Goals through global learning events. (Monthly)

Regional Events

Build relationships with amazing humans at events hosted by League communities around the world. (15+ Cities)

Think of the League Global Membership like a sandbox. We bring the bucket, spade, and playmates, but it’s up to you to create the castle. This means that by joining our community, you’ll also be asked to give…

The League Way

The League has 7 guiding principles. Each member agrees to contribute in the following League way…

100% Human

We show up as human and embrace our whole selves. Being vulnerable and real is at the core of all our interactions – sharing our failure is just as important as sharing our success.

Radical Co-Creation

We are co-creators and share the responsibility of this community. We learn together and grow together, asking for help is a sign of strength and we give as much as we get.

Systemic Impact

We focus on creating systemic impact across organizational silos. We see the Sustainable Development Goals as a useful tool to focus and evaluate our individual and collective impact.

Transparent Agendas

We operate on trust and practice transparency. We check in about our personal agendas while striving to serve collective aims.

Maximum Viable Diversity

We seek diversity in perspectives while maintaining coherence in values and quality within our community.

Minimum Viable Bureaucracy

We keep things simple and distribute decision-making power as much as possible. We have fluid rather than fixed roles.

Fun and fearless

We tap into our inner child, get our hands dirty and celebrate the intrapreneurial journey in all its messy complexity. We’re not afraid to try new things or challenge the status quo.

“The League has been a constant source of support – enabling me to take an idea from concept to scalable prototype. This community is a true example of the power of a tribe.”

Miriam Turner
Head of Disruptive Innovation
Friends of the Earth
“As an intrapreneur, there is often no roadmap. To learn from a community of professional peers is, in a word: game-changing.”

Gib Bulloch
Accenture Development Partnerships
“There is so much support out there – incubators, funds & tools for entrepreneurs outside the system. The League is providing much-needed support to those trying to make change from within.”

Brian Kurtz

The League Global Membership is for you if..

You work within an influential, incumbent institution; Corporation, Government or NGO.
You are developing an innovative product, service or other systems initiative to deliver impact on pressing social challenges.
Your project aligns with the core priorities of your institution and has the potential for scale.
  You have the capacity to influence change within your organization. (Experience, position, the grit factor.)
You demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit and share the League of Intrapreneurs values of low ego, high humanity, generosity and collaboration for impact.
If you answered “yes!” to all of the above, we’d love you to apply to join our global community of intrapreneurs.

Membership Fee

We have a fee for the membership to enable us to keep our focus where it belongs: on you, the intrapreneur. We strive to keep our fees to a minimum to ensure no intrapreneur is left behind. We have two payment options to join the League:

Option #1: An upfront payment of $500USD to join for one year.
Option #2: 12 monthly installments to join for one year (totaling $600USD).

It’s entirely up to you which payment plan you’d like to go for. You’ll be asked to make your payment once your application has been approved. 

Other ways to get involved…

If you weren’t able to cheer “yes!” to the criteria above because you’re at a different stage of your intrapreneurial journey, fear not. There are plenty of other ways to get involved…

Online Course

Curious about intrapreneurship, but not quite there yet? Sign up to learn more about creating change from within.

events & workshops

We host numerous events and workshops worldwide. Have a look at our events page and come meet us in person!


Check out our resources page for lots of great tools, tips, case studies and stories of courage, collaboration and change.